My Third Post: On Creative Self-Awareness

Clearly we live in challenging socio-economic times.  Self-sufficiency, to any degree, went out long ago.  As consumers of everything from the physical to the ephemeral, it seems that our opportunities to make a creative impact are few, and shrinking.  The purpose of my show is to use the insights of artists, collectors, writers, museum curators, and entertainers to spark the audience’s — your — creativity.  It’s all about cultural take-home value, of becoming a creative touchstone in your family or community.  Museum administrators have come to recognize the importance of ‘the small philanthropist’ to the ongoing health of cultural organizations.  You can be a part of this future!  Join me on this blog, or on “Speaking of Art” (every Saturday at 3:00 p.m., EST).  Remember, it’s about civilization — yours.


Making Art Relevant, Everyday

Hi.  My name is Edwin Hoffman, and I am the creator and host of a radio show, “Speaking of Art,” which airs on Ann Arbor’s venerable station, WAAM Talk 1600.  This is my first blog, so I hope it will serve as something of an introduction without aiming at the moon!